Foster homes for GALT’s greyhounds are always a critical need. By being a foster home, you provide a temporary home for one of the greyhounds that has been brought into GALT’s adoption program. You acquaint them with “life inside a home” versus life at the kennel or track. It can be a rewarding, and sometimes challenging, experience.
I am the bridge between what was and what can be. I am the pathway to a new life.
Diane Morgan

"A Poem to my Foster Dog"

The most common comment about fostering a greyhound, is “I’m afraid I will get too attached.” Well, that is very true for each of us, but remember, “if you adopt you can save one, if you foster you can save many.”

As a foster, you sacrifice a bit of your heart and your home to the greyhounds. The dogs bond quickly. It is hard to give them up when they are adopted. But remember, “The gift is in the goodbye.” Fostering is a lesson in unselfish love.

If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please fill out an online application.

The application allows us to make a good match between a foster greyhound and your particular home environment. Please take a look at our Fostering FAQ and if you have any questions, please email us at!

On behalf of the greyhounds needing loving care in preparation of their “forever” homes, thank you for your participation.

Why I Foster


The sheer number of dogs needing homes is overwhelming, even if you just look at the ones that come through GALT. With an average of well over 50 dogs at any one time, I know I can’t help them all. But I strive to make a difference in the life of every foster dog who passes through my home.

Teaching them house manners, the joys of toys, and the love that can be found as a pet – fostering is a very special endeavor. And it’s a need that’s not going away anytime soon. There’s a lifetime of dogs needing foster homes out there.

Every foster dog who has passed through my home has touched my life and made it feel more significant. There are tears – tears at saying goodbye when they go to their forever home; tears of frustration sometimes when they’ve made a mess; tears of worry if they’re sick or injured. But there are smiles too – smiles at the first week of perfect house manners; smiles at the first discovery of playing with toys; smiles when you see the love their new forever home has for them.

The mood swings of fostering can be many, but so are the rewards. Every dog has a different personality and teaches me something different about myself. Each foster enriches my life and I can’t imagine my home without a foster dog.

The New Foster

by Lonesome Dove


I look into your eyes, so full of hope as they gaze at me unwavering. I can see and I can feel your longing to love and trust – and I can feel your apprehension.

I watch as you tentatively step in the room, The feel of carpet soft and unfamiliar, the coolness of the air a balm to your soul. I detect a tiny quiver of excitement – “What is this place? Do I get to stay here?”

Endearingly you touch the toys with your nose – “Is it all right – are these for me?”

Your eyes flicker back and forth watching the others. “They’re not scared – should I be?”

With abandon they play and bark, romping and rolling in the grass And still you watch with caution, too shy to take part. They race back in the door – as a pack and in order. You see. the big male, the little female, then the juvenile. “I had a family once.”

You’ve taken in much and are now weary – it’s time to sleep.

New night sounds greet you, but they are soft, reassuring sounds. The others settle in around you, quiet words spoken to all. A cat glides by in silence.

Gently I stroke your head. Sleep the sleep of innocence, little one and rest well.

Morning comes and I watch you test the wind. Your muzzle is moist with dew. There is so much beauty in you. I am in awe of your spirit, your resiliency.

Yes, that is your food, and fresh water is here. With renewed strength comes courage.

Your eyes thank me, and you nuzzle my hand with your velvet nose. With a bound you join the others, gently touching one with your paw – the juvenile. Your reward is a play bow and I watch as you run with abandon – joy in your eyes.

Welcome, little foster dog.



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