Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Forman

Forman, a Tale of a Failed Foster

I picked up Forman (CTW Forewarned) in June 2009. He had been in the kennel for three months and prior to that, was in a blood donor program. He also had 91 races to his credit. So here was an 8 yr. old boy that had worked hard all of his life and really needed a forever home in which to retire. We looked forward to having our first successful foster. As the weeks went by, we realized there was a problem...

The problem was Forman is just the happiest and most grateful dog we had ever met. He is so expressive. His ears stack up on his head like an old ladies pill box hat, which gives him a look of "who me?" when you are asking the hounds who is responsible for something that is amiss. He always looks so innocent but rarely is! The boy just enjoys life to the fullest as evidenced by the daily 5:00 pm ritual known as "Happy Time." It starts with multiple side to side flops, grunts and then a major house-jarring shake out. The sweetest thing is when in the morning, he gets up and comes to snuggle and always just looks like he is so grateful for another day with us, but really it is us that are grateful for another day with him.