Shared Pictures

If you'd like to share a post-adoption photo with GALT, please email it to our social media team at We will respond to let you know we received it. Photo submissions for the yearly GALT calendar should be sent to Melody McLaughlin. If you'd like to share a story longer than a caption with your pictures, please check the submission instructions to the right.

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Happy Hounds - Happy Homes

Have a happy hound? Share your story with GALT! This section features stories of GALT greyhounds that are now enjoying life in their forever homes.

If you'd like to submit a story, please provide a short write-up (200 words or less) and a couple of pictures of your greyhound. If you have re-named your dog, please provide the dog's GALT name. Send submissions to

FLASH - Loving the Cold Winters Up North, Sep 2014

TYLER's Amazing Journey, Oct 2013

RADAR - Certified Therapy Dog, Mar 2013

RICARDO - A Galgo Update, Mar 2013

MARILYN - No Longer Shy!, Feb 2013

EMBER - Spry Senior, Feb 2013

DREE - A Comforting Friend, Jan 2012

TURBO - Adapting to the Cold, Jan 2012

GRACIE - a Touch of Grace, Oct 2011

BARON - a Happy Tripod, Sep 2011

GUMMY BEAR - a Senior Salute, Aug 2011

FORMAN - a Tale of a Foster who Stayed, Aug 2011

RADAR - search for a Therapy Dog, Aug 2011

Happy Hounds - Happy Homes, Cont.

MONA - a First Greyhound Tale, Jul 2011

PEDRO - a Goofy Boy, Jul 2011

BEAKER & CRICKET - a Happy Family, Jul 2011

SOPHIE & VELCRO - a Perfect Match, Jun 2011

DOWNIE - Eight Years of Love, Jun 2011

DIESEL - My Therapy Dog, May 2011

GOGO - a Senior Salute, May 2011

DOLCE GAMBINO - a Bundle of Energy, May 2011

RIKER - a GALT Family Puppy, Apr 2011

SAMMY - a Heart Healer, Mar 2011

KATE - an Amazing Friend, Mar 2011

IZZY - our Greyhound "Child", Feb 2011

CHARLIE - an Adorable Fuzzy Face, Feb 2011

FRANKIE - an Senior Salute, Feb 2011

COLE - a GALT Puppy Success, Jan 2011

JOJO - a Seinor Salute, 2010

BRIDGET and SKYCAM In Lake Highlands Advocate, July 2010

BRUCE - a Seinor Salute, 2010

DAVID and Mike's Greyt Guadalajara Adventure In NeighborsGo, Apr 16, 2010

RICARDO turns 5, Jan 2009

GUINNESS' Intro to Straight Track Racing, Sep 2008

The Puppy Chronicles, Jul-Aug 2007

BUSTER and JETTA, 2007

SKITTLE'S Story, 2007

Skinny Dogs Go on a Cold Hike, 2007

Greyt Family Get-Togethers, 2006

Cross Country Greyhound, 2006

Making a Difference One Biscuit at a Time, 2005

A Safe & Loving Haven for Princess, 2005

Poor Ol' LAD

Meet BRYN MAWR'S Guardian Angels

JACKSON, a Harlingen Hound, 2004

JORDAN and I, 2004

OCHO, a Harlingen Hound, 2003

Greyhounds Model for Horchow Catalog Cover, 2003

SPARKY'S Story, 2003

Hi, From CASSIE!, 2003

PEARL and Her "Baby", 2003

Some Things Are Just Meant to Be, 2002

Pets & Their People: The McQuades, 2002

A Family of Greyhounds, 2002

SARAH'S Story, 2002

RACHEL & COLE a Welcome Home Story, 2002

APOLLO: GALT's First Adoption, 2001

Jasmine the Surrogate Mom Not a GALT greyhound, but a touching story