Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Kate

Kate is amazing and I can't imagine things without her around. She is no longer afraid of stairs and she eats each day without fuss! I brush her teeth 2-3 times a week and she takes it all like a champ.

I have lost tons of weight due to our morning and nightly walks. She has many friends in our neighborhood who love to come see her whenever we are out, meaning I have met many new people with her.

We go visit some family friends in an assisted living center when we find the time. As with all the places we go she is a huge hit there - all the residents love petting her and giving her attention. She is always kind and patient. I actually think she loves going there as much as they love having her.

Toys are her favorite thing. After our nightly walk when I am getting ready for bed she goes and takes every toy out of the basket one at a time and carries it into the living room where she squeaks on them and throws them up un the air and across the room to "chase" them, wagging her tail the whole time. It is so fun to watch!

Thanks again for all you guys do, because of GALT I have an amazing friend.