Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Rachel & Cole

From Rachel and Cole's Mom, Audrey:

Recently I had to return home to Chicago for a very emotionally draining family emergency. I was gone for five days and when I returned, I fully expected Cole to miss me the most because Rachel is a "Daddy's Girl" and knows it. Cole was his usual sweet self, although he has gotten pretty spoiled (and I love it). He demands to be petted if he's sitting near you on the couch and if you don't...he grunts and puts his head under your hand to make you pet him.

I was exhausted and had caught a cold. After saying my hellos to the "kids", I slumped down on the couch for a rest. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and find Miss Rachel calmly sleeping beside me with her paws on my back. Could this be the same dog who usually pushes me out of the way to sit next to her Dad? The same dog who races past me every morning and nearly knocks me down? The same dog who jumps on me to play and treats me like I'm her littermate?

The past couple of days, Rachel has been calmer and closer to me than usual. She trails me around the house, lays next to my chair when I'm working on the computer and comes to check on me when I'm in another part of the house. Yesterday, she even sat on my lap! I don't know what's gotten into Miss Rachel, but maybe that old saying is true...absence does make the heart grow fonder!