Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Sammy

We unexpectedly lost our seven year old greyhound three months prior to meeting Sammy. My husband and I had an empty home and hearts after Mackie's passing which needed to be "rooed" to again. After a few meet and greets, we were introduced to Sammy at his foster home in Rockwall. When we drove up, here was this bouncing, black tuxedoed greyhound with "socks" on his rear paws! He was a little confused by these new humans looking at him, cooing at him and calling his name. Then all at once, he lay down on the ground near us. We knew right then and there....he was comfortable with us and an adoption was once again in the making. Two and a half years later, Sammy is with us in his forever home....retired and spoiled rotten! Our home is happy once again and full of love, with our boy "rooing" to us every now and then. My husband and I feel extremely fortunate to have been adopted by this very sweet, mellow, laid-back boy. We so love Sammy - he is truly our "four legger" child!