Happy Hounds - Happy Homes: Pedro

Pedro came to our house as our first foster greyhound. I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up this huge, very unruly 1-1/2 year old greyhound from BARK on March 26th. Susie asked me to run him by VCA after I picked him up so they could check on his "happy tail." I learned that you don't leave Pedro alone for even 10 seconds. When I arrived at the vet, all I did was run to the front door of the vets office to tell them we were there and by the time I got back to my car (literally 15 seconds) he had devoured the kibble that BARK had provided me so I could slowly change his food. Well, so much for that idea! It was GONE!

We knew within a week that he belonged with us, forever. He has learned what is right and wrong. He is very smart. His choices aren't always the best. He knows when he is doing something wrong, so when he is caught he has that sweet look on his face with those floppy ears! We can never get really mad at him. He makes us laugh daily. He gets along so well with Maggie and our kitties. He has learned his manners and is an exceptional pet.