Bella, fka FGF Bellatrix, is a 1.5 year old black female born on June 25, 2019. Her sire is FGF Chisum and her dam is CTW Starrin Role. Bella came to GALT with her siblings Dora and Hagrid. Bella has no races to her credit on Greyhound Data. She will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Bella, a lovely 1.5 yo greyhound who is coming of age as we speak. She seems to have two personalities that she’s juggling at the moment: one of a curious, timid, and careful city explorer, and one of an opinionated teenager in her territory (our apartment).

She loves people wherever she is and longs for attention from strangers. She likes to pause in the world and observe how things work - any things: a falling leaf, a paper bag, a discarded table, so many things! She has gentle leash manners once she is done figuring new things out on her street, or once she’s out of the comfort zone of her street in a less familiar territory. She can get easily startled after the sun sets and when it’s windy. She seems concerned and uncomfortable on busy streets (aka 35mi/hr neighborhood road). She is a great company on walks and even light jogs. She is increasingly less afraid of other dogs and will ignore them once she has a look.

At home she is a playful teenager with spurts of energy in between long lazy naps in the sun. She is an only pet and does get bored daily. She wants attention, cuddles, treats, she wants to play, and she wants it now. If she can’t get what she wants she gets crafty with vocal demands or mini crimes: steals a portable something and runs with it to her bed. She is potty trained-ish. She knows not to potty indoors, but we have to keep an eye on the daily schedule and gauge her needs.

Bella is not afraid of the crate, and we are in the process of crate-training and having her stay home alone. She does have a range of squeaks and cry-howls when confined behind a new indoor barrier. Apartment life may not be the best environment in her forever home. Overall, she is a bundle of curiosity, cuddles, fun, and cheekiness. She is an absolute darling in the mornings (6.45am) and after naps, a playful cheek when bored, and slowly growing into an elegant young lady.

Bella's Foster Family