Betty Betty

Betty, aka Kid's Betty, is a small 5-year-old brindle female, born June 13, 2001 to sire, WD's Santiago, and dam, Kid's Delilah. Betty competed in 3 races at the Tucson Greyhound Park in 2003, and after consulting with her best friend, Dawn, the two girls headed for Juarez in 2005 for a few months of additional racing. Back in the states now and ready for retirement, Betty's expressive ears are pointing her towards the life she so richly deserves in the company of her lucky family. Betty is not cat tolerant.

Memorial Picture

I never knew what it was like to be a greyhound before three months ago. All I ever knew was I ran and ran as fast as I could and while they gave me a little food and water there wasn't much more in my life. It is only a distant memory now that I have a big bowl of crunches in the morning and again at night, water whenever I'm thirsty and these yummy treats - life is good.

Although I'm a fun-loving gal, there isn't anything much better than a good ear scratch or a belly rub when I'm reclining on my back wherever I land, or getting a hug and kiss from my foster is so good.

I've discovered that I can run fast enough to catch these little furry playthings called "babies." Ha-ha, they just thought I couldn't catch them, so I pay them back by tossing them around, making them squeak and scream and carrying them around with me just to make sure they don't get away is good as a hound.

I was a little, maybe just too excited to listen, when the other guys were doing this thing called "sit" and "down" and getting more of those yummy treats. So when I saw just how easy it was to "sit and down" I gave it a shot and now I'm a pro at the "sit" thing, and a working amateur at "down" – but I'm willing to try anything for a treat - my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I also have what my foster mom calls a "silly smile" (I don't have a clue what that is, but I guess I show my teeth – all I know is I gotta have that treat, and if she wants me to smile, I'm doing it!!) Life is good and could only be better in my forever home.

A big hug, B

Betty, via her Foster Mom

Betty is without a doubt one of the most trusting souls I've ever met. Her attitude is "if I fall, I know you'll be there to catch me." Little Betty tries to keep up with the big dogs and while she is fast, she can't quite catch them, so she just runs to me for some lovin' while they are still out running around (smart girl, I'd say).

She gets along fine with dogs her size, but I wouldn't suggest anything smaller than a mid-size dog. She has been tested and is NOT cat or small animal safe.

She loves whatever she gets to do - car rides, walks, meeting new people (or animals), helping me do yard work (or what she would call a convenient spot for a belly rub) even if you are pulling weeds or trimming bushes. She gets excited about whatever it is, even dinnertime as long as some attention comes with it. Betty would be the happiest little girl in the world if she had someone of her own to love her – I can guarantee she would give you more than your fair share of love in return.

Betty's Foster Mom
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