Bitsy, aka AZ Fun Time, is a cute 2 1/2-year-old red fawn female with black shading on her face accented by a white center line, born June 8, 2003. Bitsy and Cutie are littermates, sharing WW Time Warp as their sire and AZ High Voltage as their dam.

Bitsy, like Cutie, is a petite girl and also did not "graduate" to a racing career, choosing instead to go directly to her retirement couch!

Bitsy is cat tolerant.

Little Miss Bitsy or "Little Bits" as I affectionately call her, has a name that fits her well, as she is little and so CUTE! What can I say about her? She won my heart over on the car ride home. She kept trying to get into the front seat with me and when I put my arm up to hold her back, she would lay her head on my shoulder and look at me.

She has never been in a home before but you would never know that; she fits right in and does appear to enjoy it very much. Bitsy is not afraid of anything. She has a very curious personality and wants to know what everything is. You need to be careful when you open doors as she is right there with you and out through the door with you before you know what hit you.

Bitsy is a very sweet, loving, inquisitive little girl. She will come up to you with such a serious look in her beautiful eyes and wants you to hold her head in your hands and scratch her chin and under her ears. I think she would stand there for hours and let you do that. She is curious about what you are doing, e.g. up on the kitchen counter or if you are getting into a cabinet or a drawer.

If she does something you don't want her to do, a quick squirt from a water bottle and a firm "No!" and she understands. She will go a short distance away, but when you tell her "Good girl!", she runs back and stands by you to have her head scratched. She wants to please and learns very quickly.

Bitsy sleeps well on a dog bed in my bedroom. It is like she has done nothing else. When it is potty time, she will let me know by getting antsy and sometimes she whines a little too. She will run outside and quickly do her business. She does not pay much attention to our cats, unless they take off running, then she trots after them, but again, a firm "No Kitty!" stops her, and she looks at you like, "I just wanted to play with them!".

She gets along well with the 4 other household dogs (3 greyhounds, 1 mix) and shows no dominate tendencies. She allowed the dominant dog to stand over her without complaint. We put her in a crate when we leave for the day - it is easy to make her go into the crate, we just toss in a treat, and she'll go right in and lay down.

She is discovering toys and runs around with them in her mouth like she found a treasure. I am sure she will change as she grows accustomed to life in a home; what fun that will be to watch and teach her new things. I think it is in her nature to be sweet and loving and just a little serious and curious. And you got to love that unique coloring. Makes her even more special!!

Bitsy's foster mom
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