Bravo, aka Bravo Whitesnake, is a big, handsome, 4½-year-old white with black ticking male, born September 2, 2002. His sire is Blazing Desire and his dam is USS Yahoo, making Bravo and Midnite siblings. Bravo's racing career of 89 races started July 15, 2004 in Iowa, and finished August 22, 2006 there. His racing weight was 80 pounds.

Bravo is recovering from a serious puncture wound to the inside of his left rear leg. Just a few more weeks, and he will be all healed.

Bravo has got to be the sweetest Greyhound that I have met. He is definitely a "gentle giant." Because of his leg injury, he spent some time at VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital and became a favorite of Dr. Ellis and the staff. Bravo just loves everyone around him and gets along wonderfully with the rest of the greyhounds.

He has been exposed to small dogs and one cat. He didn't seem particularly interested in either one, so I would assume he is small animal tolerant. At a recent Meet and Greet, I took him into Petco to have a look around and see his reactions. He was pretty fascinated with the ferrets and guinea pigs, but did not mind too much when he was led away from them.

It is difficult to believe that Bravo is just off the track. His house manners are excellent and he has yet to have a potty accident. He loves to play with toys and can often be found "roaching" in his crate. The boy does have to investigate any new object that grabs his attention, but he has not destroyed anything except a roll of toilet paper.

Bravo will make an excellent companion for a new greyhound owner, as well as fitting into an existing greyhound household. All he really seems to care about is getting love and being happy.

Bravo's foster family
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