Carley Carley

Carley is a beautiful young dark brindle female with white rear toes, a white tipped tail, and a white blaze on her nose. She is not tattooed, so her age of 18 months is estimated. Carley was found as a stray at a horse boarding facility in Alvarado. She is a very affectionate and playful, and loves her toys! Carley is small animal (cat and dog) tolerant. Carley also gets along well with children.


Carley awakens rooing and talking, advising all that it's breakfast time and of course playtime with her toys, which she loves. This petite, lightweight girl is fast on her toes. Like a little imp she runs around, delicately running from the house to the great outdoors, jumping and celebrating every second, urging her canine brothers and sisters to join in the fun.

Carley's favorite place is outside in the yard. More people and dogs out there with her make her a very happy greyhound. Well, maybe a greyhound with a little something extra. Is it that Dachshund face or those Pointer ears that make her irresistible? Or maybe the way she stands like a ballerina with her toes turned outward. Whatever genetic material runs through her blood has made her a friendly, upbeat girl.

Once she's finished romping, she loves nothing more than to be a lap dog and lay cuddled asleep on someone's lap.

Carley's Foster Mom
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