Clover is part of GALT's third family. She was born to Zinnia on July 19, 2007. First two pictures below taken at approximately 6 weeks old.

Three words describe Clover – CUTE, SMART and ENTERTAINING! Clover is an adorable dark brindle little girl with four white feet. She has an overbite that gives her lots of character but does not hinder her eating or drinking. And to add to her character and cuteness even more, Clover has a halo on her head! Her brindle markings display a perfect little circle on her head, letting everyone know that Clover is an angel!

From the very beginning Clover figured everything out first - she is one smart little girl. From learning to drink water from a bowl when she was little, to squeaky toys as she and her littermates got bigger – Clover was first to figure them all out. Clover is learning her name and is responding well when she is called. She also responds well to "no" and will usually stop doing whatever it is that she is not supposed to do. She is also beginning to get the idea of doing her "business" outside and will usually give a signal that she might need a bathroom break – pretty good for a 3-month-old puppy! Sometimes, however, she just wants to go outside and run through the yard in hopes that either I or her brother, Kale, will chase her - one of her FAVORITE past times!!

Clover is doing very well in her crate during the day while I am at work and enjoys getting her treat for going in her crate. She is beginning to learn about Kongs and the good things that are in them! Clover is a true joy and a typical puppy that enjoys playing hard and then sleeping hard. She is also a typical puppy in that she will require constant attention and supervision. The world is new to Clover each day - and what fun to watch her explore and learn! To learn more about adopting a greyhound puppy from others who have, please visit this link.

Clover's Foster Mom
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