Demo, aka Demographic, is a strikingly handsome five-year-old black male born July 7, 2002. His sire is Wigwam Hoss, making his grand sire Wigwam Wag, and his dam is Minuet. Demo's racing career consists of 144 races, starting in Rhode Island on April 1, 2005, and finishing at Valley Race Park in Harlingen on March 31, 2007, after competing also in Massachusetts for 13 months. Demo is an outgoing happy boy with the personality of a companion pet.

Demo showed some interest in Molly the cat until she hissed and swatted his face a couple of times. After that he did not want to be in the same room with her. I persuaded him to walk down the hall behind her and he did so reluctantly and kept his distance although his ears were up and he was curious. After following her, he would not go into the same room with her. Demo is "cat trainable" but, as always, make sure you take all the precautions necessary when introducing a Greyhound to a cat or small animal. Molly does not back down and puts them in their place (or at least tries), so be extra careful with a submissive cat.


Demo is a very sweet and loving boy. He is built long and slender. He is very affectionate and comes running when you call his name. He loves to be pet and hugged on and will stand for a long time while you do so. Demo is a Velcro boy and is content as long as he can see you. He has the cutest snaggletooth smile ever!!!

He eats very well and will sometimes try to help the other dogs while they are eating; he is learning this in not acceptable behavior. He listens well and if you tell him 'No!' he stops right away. He is a very smart boy.

Demo is just learning about toys, and is starting to play with them. He likes his crate and runs right in when we are getting ready to leave the house. He will go in and lay down and wait for his treat. What a good boy!

He is good with the other dogs at our house and ignores the cats. He is a pretty quiet boy, although if you are taking a little too long getting his food ready, he may give a bark. He enjoys going for walks, and walks well on a leash. He sleeps quietly all night on a dog bed in the bedroom. He seems to get his feelings hurt when he gets corrected; he hangs his head almost to the floor. Then you just have to give him a big hug!!

Demo usually has good house manners. He never tries to get on the furniture, although if you leave things on the shorter tables, he may investigate and take something to play with. Demo does not jump up in greeting, but wags his tail lots. He has had some issues with potty breaks, but we are working on that and he is getting the hang of it.

He loves people and just wants to be with you wherever you go. He jumps in the car and is a good rider, laying down most of the time. Demo would be okay as an only dog. If you are looking for a very loving, very cute, easy-going boy, Demo may be just the greyhound for you.

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