Dipper, aka RJ Dipperful, is a big handsome 2½-year-old black male, born December 12, 2002. His sire is Aimin By Design, making his grandsire Molotov, and his dam is RJ Another Wag, making his grandsire Wigwam Wag. Dipper's racing career was all in Florida at the Palm Beach track, starting June 20, 2004, and ending August 4, 2004. While he was there he experienced two hurricanes. He suffered an ankle injury that ended his career, and with the help of laser surgery, Dipper is now basically very sound...just no marathons on hard surfaces! Dipper is very sweet. Dipper is small animal and cat tolerant.

Dipper, known in his foster home as The Big Dipper, is a big, sweet, loving, leaning greyhound. He’s been taking his time getting familiar with a home environment and is making good progress. He loves his crate and surrounds himself in it with all the toys and knucklebones he’s collected. He is now venturing out into the house more and sleeps in the bedroom at night with the rest of his foster family. He’s also started frolicking with his toy collection, especially the noisy ones like the screaming monkey or the croaking frog.

Dipper is quite cat tolerant, but occasionally barks when he wants a certain cat to come out from under the table and play. He seems to sense that the younger cat is mischievous and more willing to play, whereas the two senior cats are to be left alone. He also gets along well with his canine foster sibs, a greyhound and a terrier mix.

Although a little shy and stand-offish at first, Dipper really warms up to the affection and becomes a big leaner as many people witnessed at the boat show. He was also very tolerant of the kids hugging him, most of whom were barely taller than his shoulders. He loves affection, and is slowly learning how to come up and ask for it.

Dipper knows how to use a doggie door, but has made great strides learning the human way in and out of doors this past week. It’s been a delight watching Dipper gradually open himself to his new home environment and socialize at meet-&-greets. This big mellow fellow will be a sweet, gentle addition to the forever home that chooses him.

Dipper's Foster Family
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