Dreamer Dreamer

Dreamer, aka Yopon Dreamer, is a 5-year-old brindle male, born on April 8, 2001. The immediate descendant of sire, SC's Day Dreamer, and dam, Yopon Happy Wag, Dreamer's family tree also includes those famous sires, Wigwam Wag and Dutch Bahama. A tribute to his lineage, Dreamer's racing record boasts 200 races. Quite the traveling kinda guy, Dreamer started his Texas career in 2002 at Valley Park and Corpus Christi before heading up to Raynham Park in Massachusetts and then to Southland Greyhound Park in West Memphis, Arkansas. Yearning to get back to the Longhorn state, Dreamer returned in 2004 and raced for two more seasons at Corpus and Valley. His well-deserved retirement is only missing his well-deserved forever home. Dreamer is cat tolerant but has not been tested with small dogs.


Dreamer, what a dream to have in the house. He has nearly perfect house manners. He does get a little excited when it is time to eat and puts his nose on the counter to see if he can sneak a little food before its time to eat. But, a firm "No!" is all it takes to make him walk away.

Dreamer is a very happy boy who smiles a lot. You would never know that he is 5 years old by how he acts. He loves to go for walks and walks well on a leash. When he gets excited he seems to have springs in his feet and bounces up and down, up and down. He LOVES toys and will play and carry them around with him all the time. He makes us laugh with his antics.

He is perfectly house-trained; he has not had one accident in the house. He does not mind going into his crate, especially after you toss a treat in. He will go in and lay down.


Dreamer loves to be 'loved on' and will lean on you and lay his head on your lap to get more petting and hugs. He is a sensitive boy and seems to get his feelings hurt sometimes when you tell him "No!" He stops and looks at you with his head down a little and sideways like "What did I do? I am just happy and excited!" He listens and responds well.

He does not pay any attention to our kitties, except for a sniff now and again and he gets along well with our other dogs.

If you are looking for a very cute, easy going, happy-go-lucky, very sweet and well-behaved greyhound, this Dreamer boy might be just the dog for you.

Dreamer's Foster Mom


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