Emerald is a 2 1/2 year old (estimated) red female. She was part of a cruelty seizure in West Texas and arrived along with Sebastian and Sapphire. All of them need TLC to become strong and healthy after being neglected for so long. Emerald is currently undergoing treatment for Ehrlichia. She has not yet been tested with cats or small animals.

Meet Emerald! Affectionately known around the house (and responds to) as "Emmy." Much like her nickname, she exudes the personality and charisma required to win such prestigious awards. If we were to personally grant her any "Emmy" awards, they would have to be "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Cuddling Role" and "Outstanding Supporting Actress." Emerald wants nothing except to be by your side at all times of the day and even greets everyone with enthusiastic licks and affection. She’s also as cute as can be!

A day in the life of Emmy consists of lazily sleeping in later than the rest of the family, following you around the house just to be by your side, and snuggling up close to you when you are finally ready to relax at the end of a long day. Emerald greets all people with open paws and a million licks! She is nothing if not an endearing lover.

While we are not in the business of "foster failing," if there was one we would selfishly keep for our own it would be Emerald. Emmy is the sweetest and most docile grey that has stepped foot in our home. She has no prejudice towards any toy, dog, or person. Emmy just wants to love everything.

Emerald has adapted to our home since the first moment, not only our wood stairs, but also our personal "queen" dog Norah, and our changing schedules. We have no doubt that Emerald would be a great fit in most homes that don't mind her sharing their space on the couch!

Emerald's Foster Parents