Cole, formerly Explorer, aka Dalcash Explorer, was born in Ireland on March 1, 2003, which makes him 6½-years-old. His dam is Dalcash Cathy and his sire is Cool Performance. While mostly Irish, his lineage includes the United Kingdom and Australia. All but the last three of his 38 races were in Ireland. Cole retired June 2006 in Florida, and came to GALT with the Easter delivery from Harlingen in April 2007. He then went on to be adopted, but with these economic times, his family was forced to surrender him to GALT in October 2009.

Cole is now exploring the possibility of a forever home with a new family with whom he can continue his adventures in life. This boy is neither cat tolerant nor small dog tolerant, but Cole loves living with other Greyhounds.


Cole is an absolute delight to foster. Of the Greyhounds I have helped this year, I have to say that Cole is my favorite.  Not only does he have a unique history but he has a truly unique, and joyful personality.  Every morning I’m greeted with the warmest grin and excitement for the day.  I never worry about him making a mess in the house or being destructive.  Cole loves his toys and he loves to take long walks in the neighborhood. He walks on a leash very well.  Cole gets along with my other grey exceptionally well and he is very sociable.

I have noticed that Cole is quite the sleeper. Once it's's BEDTIME - and he sleeps like a rock through the night. He often sleeps with all four legs in the air. Cole is friendly and outgoing and he warms up to people quickly.  I know that Cole would make an excellent single pet, but he would also do well in a home with other large dogs and older kids. 

Cole is a true delight to have around.  He might need a few days to adjust to his new surroundings, but I have no doubt that whoever adopts Cole will fall in love with this handsome boy.

Cole's Foster Dad
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