Garbo, aka Slatex Pluto, is a 8 year old red female. Her sire is Lonesome Cry and her dam is Slatex Cindel. Garbo has 35 races at Bluffs Run to her credit on Greyhound Data all in 2012 and 2013. She had 34 pups and is mom to GALT’s Eliza and Sandi. This lovely lady has earned her retirement and will make a great addition to anyone’s couch. She has yet to be evaluated with cats and small animals.

There are a number of websites, including, that allow you to trace the pedigree and racing history of registered greyhounds by looking up their racing name or their sire and dam.

Shhh. Brood mamas are the best kept secret in the world of greyhound adoption! They’re smart, wise, and quick to adapt to their new surroundings. Sweet Garbo is no exception. On day one she just wanted to know which slumber ball was hers, which food bowl was hers, and where to go to the potty. Since then she’s wasted no time getting comfortable and making herself right at home. Garbo’s busy days as a Mom may be behind her, but she still has a lot of life to live and love to give.

She’s already learned that it’s great fun to gather up lots of toys from the basket and bring them to her bed where she can cuddle down among them. She thinks it’s a wonderful bonus that they squeak when she bites them and she doesn’t try to rip them apart. She's a playful but laid back girl who loves her walks and walks very well on her leash. Rides in the car are another exciting adventure she enjoys.

She has deep, soulful eyes that are surrounded by black eyeliner and her beautiful reddish fawn coat is soft to the touch. While Garbo is an independent girl who could easily be an only dog, she’s very affectionate and loves people. She hasn’t been tested with small kids yet, but she adores our 8-year-old granddaughter and follows her around. Garbo is too interested in kitties and small animals to live with them.

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