Gracie Gracie

Gracie, aka LRC Gracie, is a beautiful almost 4-year-old brindle female born April 13, 2005. Her sire is the Irish-bred Late Late Show and her dam is Mollie Sullivan. Gracie is siblings with Fiona and Dylan. Gracie, like her sister, had a short-lived racing career, starting June 14, 2007, at Palm Beach and ending June 26, 2007. She is a winner in the adoption arena and is just waiting to find her forever family.

Gracie's cat test: Gracie passed her cat test for trainability. She was curious and did a lot of sniffing, which Dom tolerated for a while. She then moved on to being curious about her new surroundings. Dom decided to sniff her back and she was fine with that. Later, she wanted to play and Dom made it clear in no uncertain kitty terms that he didn't. Gracie thought that was a new form of play, but responded quickly to a calm, but firm "Gracie, no cat." At other times, she stood right by the cat and paid no attention to him. During most of her stay, she was trusted off-leash with close supervision. She still wants to play, but with the dogs for now. Her introduction to small dogs will come later.


Gracie with her mom


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