Hanna Hanna

Hanna, aka RJ Halo Hanna, is a gorgeous 2-year-old red fawn female, born June 18, 2003. Her sire is Seegold Big Red, making her grand sire Greys Statesman, and her dam is RJ Ginny Ann. Hanna’s racing career started at Valley Race Park in Harlingen on January 9, 2005, and ended April 1, 2005. She was not a winner at the track, but she sure is in the companion pet arena! Hanna is small animal and cat tolerant.

I know now why Hanna didn't win races at the track. She was much smarter than that. For a dog that had never set foot in a house, she sure knew her way around. In a way, my feelings were hurt, as I felt completley useless.


Hanna quickly learned the doggie door, only minutes after arriving at my home. She ate her food without any problems, played with the other dogs, and found the dog beds or the nice cold tile floor to lay on. She knew to go out to potty and inside to cool down. She knew the toys were as much hers as they were my other dogs; she took treats like she had been getting them all along.

She goes into her crate on command. So you see, Hanna is quite a self-sufficient girl. There is one thing though that Hanna hasn't done. The dreaded stairs. Yep...I guess she had to leave me something to make me feel useful. I didn't have to teach Hanna the doggie door, or make her go in the crate, she walks right in, sometimes just to relax. I didn't have to teach her dog manners, or house break her. This little girl just knew it.

She likes to bark with the other dogs and even howls. She loves to play with my youngest pup, another foster. Just the other day, Hanna lay in her crate relaxing, the door was open so the pup walked in there to play with her. Well Hanna didn't really want to get up just yet so instead they both lay in the big crate and mouthed each other and played. It was so cute I had to videotape it. So you see, if you're looking for a dog that needs lots of training, well...look elsewhere, all Hanna needs is your love and attention...and some treats; she loves treats: pig ears, cow hooves, greenies...start your grocery list!

Hanna's Foster Mom
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