Bernie is an 11-year-old black male, born in June 1995. He was a stray from the Forney Road Shelter, and since he is double tattooed, his history will never be known. Bernie is very thin and is also heartworm positive.

UPDATE 12/8/05

After gaining about 8 pounds, Bernie completed his first stage of heartworm treatment on November 30, and has tolerated it well. He is being monitored very closely by his foster mom to keep him quiet, which for this 10 year old is a challenge! Bernie will have his second stage of treatment around the end of December.

UPDATE 1/6/06

Bernie has completed his second round of heartworm treatment, and as of this time, has tolerated it okay. He will be closely monitored for the next 60 days to insure his activity level stays low.

UPDATE 4/20/06

Bernie was tested 60 days after his last heartworm treatment in early January and still tested positive. After waiting another 30 days, Dr. Jeff Ellis determined treatment was necessary again; so on April 17 and April 19, Bernie received yet his third round of medication. Bernie has tolerated the treatment okay so far, and is being closely monitored by his foster family.

UPDATE 6/10/06

When Bernie was rechecked on May 25, his results were erroneously reported as negative; however we have just been advised by the lab, that Bernie is still positive. He is also experiencing some other issues which Dr. Jeff Ellis is monitoring closely.