Brody is a brindle male greyhound who was found as a stray in the Ft. Worth area. GALT received notice of this greyhound Saturday, Oct. 20, but due to the shelter's mandatory "hold" period, Brody was not available to be picked up until Thursday, Oct. 25, 2007. Once we got word that Brody was available to GALT, volunteer Kelly Craven went to the shelter and immediately took him to VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital, where his medical evaluation was begun by Dr. Jeff Ellis and Dr. Christy Soileau.

He has a severe skin infection, one which has left him with barely any fur and bumps literally from the tip of his nose to the end of this tail, and everywhere in-between. All four of Brody's paws are grossly swollen, and both Dr. Ellis and Dr. Soileau highly suspect Cutaneous Larval Migrans - a condition that develops from parasites (hookworms) when an animal is kept in constant filth and feces. This is not a recent condition at all, which indicates Brody has been terribly neglected for some time.

We do not have the complete results of his bloodwork back yet, but preliminary indications are that he suffers also from a tick-borne disease. Brody is extremely lethargic and severely underweight. He is being treated accordingly, and his condition is being closely by monitored by Dr. Ellis and Dr. Soileau. It will be a slow process to get Brody well. It is estimated that Brody is approximately 2 years old.

UPDATE 11/3/07

Brody is positive to Ehrlichia at 1:81,920 and also to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. He has been put on medications for both these diseases, as well as a different antibiotic for his skin infection. Tests at this point do not indicate a fungal skin infection, nor does he test positive for mange. Some of his sores are beginning to crust over, which is causing a lot of itching and discomfort for Brody but medication is being given to help relieve his pain. Brody is also being treated for a heavy load of internal parasites.

UPDATE 11/24/07

Dr. Ellis and Dr. Soileau are not pleased with the progress that Brody should have been making since the change in his antibiotics. Brody is being referred to a dermatology specialist, and hopefully can be seen within the next 7 days. His discomfort from the itching is being managed with medication.

UPDATE 11/28/07

Brody was seen by the dermatology specialist who, after biopsies and tests, diagnosed him as having Pemphigus Foliaceus, an autoimmune disease of the skin. Brody was started on a regime of new (and continued with some previous) medications today. We've never dealt with this before, so obviously we are very concerned with his response to the treatment, which was started today.

UPDATE 12/2/07

Brody is responding very well to the medications prescribed by the dermatology specialist. His foster mom says he is coming up for pets, which were not possible before because of his oozing and crusty sores. As you can see in these pictures, the sores are drying up. We are hopeful his secondary skin infection is cleared up, so we can focus on treatment of Pemphigus.

UPDATE 12/23/07

Brody's sores are continuing to dry up, with a few areas still oozing. Because of the marbling of his skin, you can't really tell that he is almost bald. Brody goes back for a recheck with the dermatologist the end of this week. He has completed some of the antibiotic medicines, and seems to be feeling better. His foster mom is still working on getting some weight on him. Thanks to all who have sent jammies to keep this precious boy warm! An update will be forthcoming after his appointment later this week. These pictures were taken on December 18.

UPDATE 1/18/08

Brody was seen by the dermatologist on December 31, and his regime of Prednisone was extended for another 30 days. Although the Pemphigus foliaceus seems to be going into remission, he still has acute pustular crusting all over his body, with severe hyperkeratosis of all his foot pads. Brody is gaining some weight, and will be rechecked around February 1. Thanks to all who are pulling for this little boy; it is going to be a long recovery road for him.

UPDATE 2/4/08

Brody was seen by the dermatologist on February 1, and it was determined his dosage of Prednisone should be cut back. That has been done, however he is experiencing some flare-ups and is scheduled for another visit on February 22. Please continue to keep this sweet boy in your thoughts.

UPDATE 4/17/08

Brody has turned a corner and is almost ready for his final race to his forever home! Brody's tick titer has remained the same as his previous test in December 2007; however his CBC shows him to be normal, so he was neutered on Tuesday, April 15. One more test - PCR Panel - is being done at the North Carolina State University Veterinary lab to determine if the Ehrlichia is active at this time. He also has one more follow up visit with the dermatologist on April 30; it is hopeful he will be dismissed at that time. Thank YOU to all of you who have been in Brody's fan club, sending healing thoughts to him. It has worked! Can you believe how handsome this boy is?

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