JUST LIKE ANY OTHER DAY by Patricia Banolas, Barcelona, Spain

The day-to-day routine was altered when I had to take my boyfriend to work, and a greyhound crossed my path.

Everything started in the industrial park of Viladecans next to the shopping center, Barnasud, when I saw an animal in the middle of the road trying to avoid its final day with destiny as the cars and trucks tried to avoid him at all cost. I stopped my car next to him and saw that he was disoriented and certainly did not have a destination. While I watched him I remembered a TV report about greyhounds and an association that was acting as their protectors and rescuers founded in Esplugues, Llabregat through a vet clinic.

Through my brief flashback, I decided to call information to get the number of the clinic, but luck had decided to stay away from me that day. I ended up with the number to a different clinic in the same town that did not meet the current needs but who, thank god, was good hearted. After listening to my story, they provided me the number of another soul who gave me enough information to get the number of the correct clinic. Finally I was able to speak with Anna of SOS Galgos, the animal defender. I was speaking with and giving her my current location when the battery on the cell phone when dead. A feeling of helplessness took over, but I decided not to give up. I saw an ambulance approach and it was my boyfriend's work associates. I stopped them and thinking fast, told them this was an EMERGENCY. Well, after a lot of talking, they left me their mobile phone so I could finish talking to Anna. Finally we came to an agreement; two of her associates, Yolanda Acedo and her sister, will pass by the McDonalds at the shopping center. It took some help to get the greyhound into my car and I whispered sweet things to my new riding partner all the way to our destination.

Upon arriving at the shopping center, I started loving up on this animal, and I noticed a great amount of sadness in his eyes. I did not want to know what had brought him to the industrial park - I was not sure I could handle it because the sadness in his eyes was just too much. Finally the associates of SOS arrived, and they took the star of the story in their car. I do not know how to express what I felt knowing that a poor animal that was destined to meet his fate with a car on a road was now safe - all thanks to a couple of phone calls and an association like SOS GALGOS.

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