Jordan Jordan

Jordan, aka Bobbye's Baretta, is a strikingly handsome 3-year-old black male, born February 5, 2000 with white-tipped paws, nose and chest. Jordan raced from September 2001 to January 2003, mostly here in Texas, and has retired because of a nagging injury. His grand sire is Wigwam Wag and his sire is Rapido Rambo. Jordan is a happy boy who is full of spirit. He is not small animal or cat tolerant.

All the greyhounds who are housed at GALT’s boarding facilities receive daily visits from GALT’s trainer Teresa Sterling. Here are some notes from Teresa about Jordan:

Jordan has a need for you to let him know YOU are the boss! He would love to run the show if allowed! Jordan is a very interactive grey who HATES to be crated or confined. He is doing well with the Gentle Leader and responds to sit, stay and come. He is very food motivated which makes training him very easy. He is a very quick learner.

Jordan is a very sweet boy. He likes to play and will catch his toys in the air when we throw them. He really likes being near people. He will get up from where he is laying to follow me to another area of the house and then lay down in that area. He comes when I call him and responds to the words "no" and "down" very well when we need to guide his behavior. He gets very excited when anyone comes to see us and is friendly to visitors, especially my nieces who are 9 and 11 years old. He can sit and lay down on command; for treats of course. Jordan walks well on a leash and gets excited at the sight or sound of the leash when it's walk time. He also gets along with our two greys and our nieces' schnauzer; he actually lets the schnauzer be the boss. We took Jordan to the events at Operation Kindness on June 21st, and he was very well behaved around all the dogs - and there were a lot of dogs. He also enjoyed getting into the plastic baby pool they had for the dogs to use for cooling off. Jordan is very fun to have around the house.

Jordan's Foster Mom
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