Larry Larry

Larry, aka Steadfast, is a 5-year-old red male born March 6, 2006. His sire is Dodgem By Design, making his grand sire Gable Dodge, and his dam is Realist, making his grand sire the famous Molotov. Larry's racing career consisted of 3 whole races, starting November 24, 2007 and ending promptly on December 7, 2007. It is obvious that his heritage did not get passed down to Larry. Larry was in a home for two years, but it was not to be his forever home - he needs a canine companion.

Larry's Short Cat Test: Larry's cat test was over in a second. He met the cat and she did her normal hiss, growl, and swat and he would not back off - just kept coming at her full speed ahead. Larry is not to be trusted with cats! Maybe small dogs will have better luck when he's tested with them.

Larry is a long, tall drink of water! He's quite the handsome, polite fellow with hall-of-fame expressive ears. Larry's house manners are impeccable. He gets along with the other greyhounds in the house, and adores getting some loving from his people too. He'll bury his head in your lap or against your chest and just bask in the petting.

The first to jump up and see what's going on, Larry follows us diligently around the house. He will often lay down in whatever room I'm in, and if there's not a bed available, he'll take the floor! Larry crates very well for his meals and while we're gone.

Once Larry settles in and feels comfortable, he can be quite the talker when he's excited - making a wide variety of sounds like he really is 'talking'! But he's not an excessive barker by any means. Larry loves walks, mealtimes, and toys. He's got an awesome personality, and is an all around great boy.

Larry's Foster Mom
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