Racer extraordinaire

Sire of 7

Ambassador for Greyhounds

Handsome, long and lean

Jubilant Toy Player…..

Now running at the Rainbow Bridge

with winged feet, and forever

The Champion of our Hearts

Susie & John McQuade

AZ Limo Lee, born 12/13/93, is an eight-year-old black brindle VERY handsome male. He had a greyt racing career and was used for stud, but is now ready for adoption. Don't let his age fool you one bit! He is playful, active and quite the affectionate grey! His favorite thing to do is give kisses and lean right next to you, and just hang-out. Limo is not cat or small animal friendly. Guess why he got his name? Yes, you are right; because he is so long and stretched out!

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