Liza, aka Iza Moneybaby, is a shy, 3-year-old, white and brindle girl born July 8, 2004. Her sire is Iza Scat Cat, making her grand sire the late Gable Dodge, and her dam is Iza Moneymaker. Liza was found as a stray in the Madisonville, TX area, and GALT was asked by the Texas Greyhound Association to take her. TGA had been alerted to her whereabouts, along with two other dogs.

Liza's racing career was all of 13 races, all at Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, TX, from April 2, 2006, to July 23, 2006. Who knows where she had been from then until the week of June 18? Liza has some healing to do for sure, as she has many, many scabs and open wounds to heal. Remarkably, her medical reports are almost normal. It is not known at this time if Liza is small animal or cat tolerant.

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