Lola Lola

Lola's Rainbow Bridge Tribute

Lola, aka Folk Funk, is a beautiful 3-year-old brindle female born February 3, 2004. Her sire is Dominator, making her grand sire P's Raising Cain, and her dam is Whisk Away. Lola's racing career launched November 13, 2005, at Wheeling Downs, WV, and ended during the last day of racing at Valley Race Park in Harlingen on April 7, 2007 with a broken hock. It was her 72nd race and her very last. Lola was transported to Dallas on Thursday, April 12 and taken immediately under the care of Dr. Jeff Ellis of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital. Her right rear leg, specifically the foot and hock area, which had swollen after the splint was put on, was grossly necrotic (warning - graphic images here and here) from the pressure and lack of circulation. Every action was taken to save her leg, but it was not possible. Her recovery has been remarkable, and she is motoring around just fine. Lola is not small animal or cat tolerant.


Lola is a sweet girl that fits in comfortably with other greys. She gets along great on her three legs, and will still try to race other greys to the back of the yard. She has great spirit. Meal time is the highlight of her day. She is a great eater, and is not fussy about it. As with most greys, she likes her routine, and wants to know when we will go on our walk if I fall behind schedule. Right now, Lola is on short walks as part of her rehab.

Lola is a quiet, laid-back girl. She loves to be where you are, and has no problem following me around on the wood and laminate floors. Lola would be fine as the only dog, but she would do better in a multi-dog home if the owners will not be at home during the day.

Lola's Foster Mom
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