Macy, aka Whynot Run Amuck, is a 5 year old black female born on March 17, 2015. Her sire is Rhythmless and her dam is Miss Adelaide. She has 62 races to her credit on Greyhound Data and is sister to GALT’s Bay and Rae. She is undergoing medical evaluation. Macy should not live with cats nor small dogs.

What a beautiful, smart, shiny black beauty Macy is. She’s pretty high-energy for a 5 yr old greyhound. Macy loves to play, and will squeak and shake her toys. She just loves to be outdoors. With no accessible doggy door, she asks to be out and in many times each day, even after a long walk. Being in the water is a favorite pastime in nice weather, give her access to water and wading pools and she’ll be a happy camper.

She is as gentle as can be with her people, taking treats softly and even giving up a stolen treat without another high value offering. Macy loves treats and is learning to take turns, although she would likely be alpha in any pack and therefore expects to be fed and given treats first. Macy is incredibly loving; she’ll often approach for snuggles and pets and she will always try to be in the same room as her person.

She can be very intense, and is a keen huntress. She becomes totally focused on her prey, especially squirrels and cats, and even other dogs we pass while she is walking. She’s probably a good candidate to be an only dog, assuming she suffers no separation anxiety.

Macy would adore an active family in a house with a nice backyard for playing, soaking in the sun and playing in a kiddie pool in summer. No apartments please – too many noises and potential for little dogs to get her excited. This girl was not only a race winner but a loving heart winner as well. She would make a fine addition to any home. Can you imagine the delight in dressing this girl in a wide variety of colorful collars and bows?

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