Michelle Michelle

Michelle is a beautiful, 2½-year-old, dark brindle female born August 2006, and is the “B” pup in her litter. Michelle’s registration ear is double tattooed so her true identity and history will never be known. Michelle, along with Ruth, was an owner release to the Tri Cities Shelter by a man who is a "regular" there – this means he brings dogs to the shelter periodically; but because of laws, the shelter cannot release his name to GALT. One would think she is a descendant from the famous Molotov, as she sports his trademark white tuxedo throat.

Michelle’s introduction to cats: Michelle is cat trainable. A little patience and close supervision will be necessary at first. A cat that will stand up for himself is helpful, too. Upon arrival to the foreign environment of the house, she was excited and going, going, going, exploring everything. She was quite interested in the cat, so I had my doubts. After it became evident that the muzzle wasn’t necessary, we went “open-face-on-leash” for a while. She sniffed with excited curiosity, but backed off when the cat let her know he’d had enough. She met the other two cats, sniffed them and went on her way, too. These were not lightweight investigations on Michelle’s part, so the trick is to stay calm and quiet, yet close, and let her and the cat work out their relationship. She even licked Domino a little. She is now trusted off leash at my house, but I’m still supervising closely.


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