Nelson Nelson

Nelson, aka Slatex Nelson, is a 5-year-old fawn male, born August 16, 2001. Nelson raced at the Corpus Christi track between March and October of 2003. His whereabouts after that are unknown and he was turned in to the Tri Cities Shelter as a stray several months after his racing career ended. He then joined the GALT family and was adopted into a home, but Nelson was recently returned after his owner moved. Nelson is a sweet, quiet boy who took the separation hard, but he has now adjusted and has settled into his foster home where he is not crated. Nelson is not small animal or cat tolerant.

Nelson (aka Nellie Boy, Half Nelson, Full Nelson, and Nelson Mandela) is learning to trust again. He did have some abandonment issues when his world turned upside down recently by being returned to GALT. For the first couple of days in my home he watched me carefully. Now he realizes that he has a new and different routine, and he is blossoming.


Nelson has a rare greyhound trait: when happy he smiles! If you've never seen this, its a thrilling sight. Unlike most smilers who raise just their top lip to show their pearly whites, Nelson will also pull back his bottom lip to give you the BIG smile. This is his Full Nelson. It is so heartwarming to see him do this! It means he is comfortable and very happy!

Nelson gets along just fine with my male greys, male whippet and alpha female mutt. He will growl when not willing to share his favorite dog bed with whoever flops down next to him, and will "talk" to me if I am late with breakfast and dinner. He enjoys eating and napping in the crate with the door open, and loves the freedom of the doggie door - no accidents at all in the house, ever.

He is beautiful: a very light blonde fawn with amazing eyes that look right into your heart. Nelson's only imperfection (if you can call it that) is a bald butt; however, if you don't mind it, neither will he. Nelson is perfection on a leash and in the car. He is small animal tolerant but not cat tolerant at all.

I feel he will do well in any home that gives him the love and reassurance he needs while adjusting to his new life. Nelson needs to be a permanent addition in a stable home, and he will give you back 100 times the love you give to him. He may seem shy at first, but soon he will be talking, tail wagging and SMILING!

Nelson's Foster Mom
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