Pacheco Pacheco

Pacheco, aka Rapido Pacheco, is a gorgeous 7-year-old sleek black female born March 6, 1996. Pacheco’s racing career was mostly in Texas and Florida from December 1997 to June 1999. She has been on the farm since then as part of the brood matrons. She is very social and interactive - loves to play and talks to you! Pacheco is not cat safe.


Pacheco has settled into retirement like the pro she is. She's learned that the doggie door is a hound's best friend; the kitchen is where cookies come from; and the car is the best adventure on earth. The neighborhood kids come to visit often, and Pacheco is gentle and loving with them. She enjoys very brief romps with her foster brother and sisters, but really prefers to cuddle on a dog bed with her foster mom. There have been no accidents, no chewing, and no interest in people furniture. Pacheco is also not interested in stuffies, but is happy to be given treats, and will patiently wait her turn. Her only bad habit is the full body hug she likes to give me when I get home from work! She does understand 'no' but really, really wants to hug! Pacheco is definitely not cat safe, and she enjoys monitoring the cat situation from various windows. She is a beautiful, happy, extremely affectionate little girl who needs someone to love.

Pacheco's Foster Mom
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