Remi Remi

Remi is an approximately 3½-year-old white greyhound. Remi arrived into GALT’s family after receiving a call from a lady in Amarillo who had answered a "free to good home" ad on Craig’s List. Because she'd had a greyhound several years prior and was familiar with the breed, she took Remi. However, since her previous greyhound had died, she now had a young son, who was very, very allergic to Remi. She contacted GALT, very anxious to find a safe haven for him. Remi was positive to Ehrlichia, and he has now been successfully treated. Remi is very social and gets along well with other greyhounds in his foster home. Remi is considered small animal and cat trainable.


Remi is a sweet boy who is quiet and calm most of the time - but he still loves to PLAY! He enjoys guarding his human friends from night monsters by sleeping as close as possible to their human beds. He also follows them all around the house, to make sure they are on top of the important stuff, like HIS food and toys!

Remi is a sociable guy who enjoys frequent visits with other GALT foster greys. However, he has also adapted well to his crate and doesn't mind his humans guiding him into it on their way out the door.


Had he joined the Doggie Olympic Team, this greyt athlete could have been a high jumper, as well as a sprinter! He loves the challenge of low baby gates, so make sure you get some high ones if any areas of your home are off limits. Remi's been busted a few times sleeping on one of the human beds after doing a graceful imitation of Dick Fosbury, his high-jumping Olympic idol!

Remi can't wait to meet YOU, so if you check him out at the next Meet and Greet, be prepared to be bowled over by this special boy!

Remi's Foster Dad
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