Roger Roger

Roger, aka Hot Footen It, is a handsome red fawn almost 2-year-old male, born March 25, 2003. Roger’s sire is Winky Dink and his dam is In The Slammer. Roger’s one and only race, his maiden, was on November 19, 2004 at Valley Race Park in Harlingen. He may not be a champion on the racing circuit, but he sure is in the pet companion arena! Roger is friendly and outgoing. He is small animal and cat tolerant.


Roger, affectionately known as Raj to me, is settling in nicely and has decided that life in a home is right up his alley. It didn't take Raj long to figure out that dog beds are for lounging, toys are meant to be played with, and meals are served twice daily. In true retirement fashion, Raj spends a lot of time relaxing, but because his was an early retirement (he isn't even two yet), he still has the curiosity of a puppy and insists on supervising all household chores. Raj performs quality control on the dishwasher to make sure every dish is spotless, ensures that the clothes are completely dry when I open the dryer, and insists on leaving nose marks on clean windows just to prove they can be cleaned again. Always at my side, nothing escapes Raj's scrutiny.

Roger and friend

He is very friendly with my other greyhounds and being the youngster in the pack, Raj has learned to defer to his elders when it comes to toys and privileges. He loves to play and can occasionally be heard adding sound effects as he pounces on his favorite toy de jour. Raj enjoys going for walks and meeting the people we pass on our strolls. He is affectionate, friendly, sometimes a tad bashful with first encounters, but warms up quickly and treats all humans as best friends. Raj will bury his head in your lap or under your arm, soaking up affection and returning it in triplicate.


In addition to his winning personality, Raj is a looker and acquired his nickname from those exotic eyes and his unusual tiger tail. He is a wonderful ambassador for the breed and will make someone a very special buddy and friend.

Roger's Foster Mom
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