Tammy, aka DOX Tati, is a petite, brindle, 9-year-old female with just a little white on her chest, born April 20, 2000. Her sire is Class By Design, and her dam is Gable Lolita, making her grand sire the late famous Wigwam Wag, and she is sister to Loli and Lili. Tammy proved from the end of her schooling in 2002 that she had her eyes only on being a companion pet, not a racer. Tammy was adopted to the same home as Bruce; however, her previous owner has surrendered her to GALT because of critical medical problems. Tammy and Bruce were together for 6 years. Earlier this year Tammy had surgery for an infected salivary gland, which was successful.

Tammy is a beautiful dark brindle girl with tall alert ears and personality to match. She’s very smart and affectionate and wakes me up with kisses every morning. The dog bed next to mine is one of my Greyhounds’ launching pad to jump up to my bed. Tammy has figured out that if she gets over against the wall and lets Chuy do his jump, she doesn’t have to abandon her favorite place to sleep.

Tammy is a playful girl and loves soft squeaky toys. She learned what the doggie door was about fairly quickly, but didn’t have one in her previous home, so will let you know when she needs to go out if that option isn’t available. She will also let you know when it’s time to look away from the computer and give her some TLC.

Tammy ignores the cats indoors for the most part. Outdoors, she’s up for a curious chase or a close follow if the cat is leisurely strolling. She’s easy to call off, but indoor cat and outdoor cat are totally different situations, so if you can’t supervise very closely, don’t let the cat and dog in the back yard at the same time. She gets along greyt with the four other Greyhounds in her foster home.

Tammy's Foster Mom
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