Tequila Tequila

Tequila, aka TMC's Tequila, is a 7-year-old female, born November 20, 2002. Her dam is TMC's Halfpenny, and her sire is Flying Train. She has Dutch Bahama and Oshkosh Girly in her bloodline. She ran 72 races in Florida before finally retiring in February 2006. Tequila was in an adoptive home for 2½ years and was returned through absolutely no fault of her own. Tequila is not cat and/or small dog trainable.


Tequila is a bouncy, joyful girl with a funny streak, bobbed tail and the softest fur you will ever feel on a greyhound. She enjoys mealtimes, treats, naps and walks. At first she wasn't wild about the car, but now Tequila races all the others to be first in line to jump in! She has perfect house manners, loves the doggie door and has had no accidents at all. She will bark at the front window if she sees another dog walking by, and loves to mingle with the neighborhood kids.

Tequila doesn't try to get up on the couches or beds; but, like any greyhound, if you invite her up she'll probably reluctantly return to the dog beds on the floor only occasionally! She loves to just sit and listen to me tell her how adorable she is, and if you throw in a belly rub and ear rub, well, that's just heaven to Tequila!

She will occasionally pick up and fling a stuffie, then look at me as if to say "What was that? How did that happen? Can you make it do that again?" She is silly, goofy, and just a fabulous girl who deserves to have all the love she gives returned to her. Come meet her and see if you can stop petting her soft fur once you start!

Tequila's Foster Mom
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