Terry Terry

Terry, aka Aherlow Glen, is a handsome, dark red, 9-year-old male born March 8, 2007. His sire is Teamster, making his grand sire the famous Molotov, and his dam is Grey’s Tackle. Terry’s racing career came to a halt on Thursday, August 14, 2008 when he sustained a fracture during training. Dr. Douglas Lange of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center performed surgery and Terry's leg healed up well. Terry was in a home for several years, but has returned to GALT through no fault of his own. Terry is not considered cat or small dog tolerant at this time. New pictures coming soon - these are Terry as a youngster.

Terry's small animal tests: Terry flunked his cat test. He was quite interested while wearing the muzzle, but distractible. I guess he knew he wasn't going to get what he wanted with that basket on his face. He still got on Nigel's nerves causing him to take a swat or two, and this is one laid-back cat. We saw some snapping action after the muzzle was removed, although no teeth connected with the cat. His foster says he's not too fond of a pair of pugs, either. He will, therefore, not do well in a home with small dogs. He does, however, get along with other Greyhounds and larger dogs.

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Terry, or Terry T-Bone as I affectionately call him, is one of the most loving fosters I've ever had. All he wants in life is for someone to give him ear skritches or to rub his belly. He's the most excited one when I get home from work, too. He lives with 2 other greys and 1 other grey mix foster, and gets along famously with everyone. Terry has caused absolutely zero problems since he's been returned --not once marking in the house or picking up something he shouldn't. He's been left loose for short bouts while I leave the house but confines to a crate nicely as well. While Terry gets along great with others, no small dogs please. Even though Terry is a relatively older gentleman, don't let his age fool you--he's definitely still got some spunk left in him. He loves going on walks and engaging with you as much as you would like. When it's time to watch football or a movie, though, he's perfectly fine reclining on a comfy dog bed. All in all, he's a GREYT companion!

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