Whist Whist

Whist, aka Whist, is a beautiful 2 ½-year-old white and fawn female, born August 26, 2004. Whist's sire is Magnitude and her dam is Realist, making her grandsire the famous Molotov. Whist did not take after her grandsire, as she showed no interest in racing at all! So here she is looking for her forever home. Whist is a little shy and unsure of her environment right now, but that will surely change. Whist is small dog and cat trainable.


During the first couple of weeks, Whist was the tall slender beauty from afar. She was very reserved and shy, she didn't want to eat with anyone watching her and she was very protective of her bed and rawhide chewy. However, now that she has had some time to adjust and realized that there are beds and rawhides all over the house, the playful mode is starting to kick in. She is gradually gaining confidence in herself and others, and continues to improve each day. She is a follower and would do best in a home with another dog to lead her. She enjoys playing with other dogs and is still very much a puppy at 2.5 yrs. She enjoys playing with her greyhound housemates (with the same energy level) and loves to chew on rawhides and play with an old mini-basketball in the backyard. 

She has been with me just one month and has come a long way. She comes to me for attention and loves to "roo" when it's time for her to go into her crate in the morning or just to be cute. Within the last few days she has started to initiate play, so of course, the others promptly jump in to accommodate with some more playing. She's still that slender beauty (even when she's playing).

Whist's Foster Mom
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