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El Dorado, aka El Dorado Red, is a 2-year-old red male born August 1, 2006. His sire is Dodgem by Design, making his grandsire the late Gable Dodge, and his dam is Rooftop Pinny, making El Dorado full sibling to Mo and Tess, and half-sibling to Custer, Sweetie and Hot Rod. El Dorado has only 6 races to his credit, all in Ft. Myers, FL beginning on May 15, 2008 and ending June 8, 2008. EL Dorado is a beautiful red, red, red boy with that gorgeous black eyeliner!

El Dorado’s cat test: El Dorado was too timid to care about the cats. He seems fine with them and did see them walking around the house. Perhaps another test when he’s been in a foster home a while would be a better indication. For now, the cats seem to be the least of his concerns. We will have to see how concerned he is with small dogs later.

El Dorado chose us to foster him just a few weeks ago. He is a beautiful "red" boy with soft brown eyes and a good sense of humor. We are all still getting to know each other and learning more and more each day. He loves to go outside and play in the yard. He's quite a character. The first few days we were getting to know each other, we spent lots of time both indoors and out. The afternoon he came to live with us, I was sitting on the back porch watching him "familiarize" himself with his new territory. I noticed that a rug was missing from the porch along with a sprinkler, tree limb, and "softie oversized baseball toy." I looked out in the back yard and he had put the sprinkler, tree limb, and baseball on top of the rug and was dragging it around the back yard. He's quite a builder and was proud to show off his work. At this point, we realized that he liked to carry items around in his mouth. We are seeing less and less of that type of behavior as each day passes.

El Dorado

He is somewhat food driven and has been caught "red handed" surfing countertops. This too has begun to occur less and less now that he is secure in knowing that he will get two good meals a day. He is feeling more comfortable as each day passes and loves to lie on the tile floor. Our first level is all tile and hardwood floors and he is handling that well.

He crates well for 6 hours or more as we both work outside of the home. My husband works locally and stops by to let him out at least once. He was non-aggressive when he first met our other two Greyhounds and did not get flustered at all when everyone gathered around him. They all get along well. He also ignores our Yorkie, 3 indoor cats and 2 outdoor cats; however, our cats are used to Greyhounds and are not only cautious, but have learned not to "streak" across the back yard. Three of the cats sleep inside and El Dorado appears to have no interest in them.

He is getting used to being walked on a leash but tends to "weave" and has gotten tangled up a couple of times. I think he's starting to "get" the walk thing. Our other greyts are trying to teach him to walk nicely as he disturbs everyone's leisurely stroll when he weaves and walks on others' toes.

His comfort level in the house is increasing every day. It is still early and he continues to "morph" each day so we will have a much better understanding of him as we move through the days and weeks ahead. We have fostered for a long time and El Dorado has all the "makings" of being a wonderful companion.

El Dorado's Foster Mom
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