Mac is an approximately 9 year old brindle smooth coated staghound that was surrendered to the animal shelter in Duncan, OK, along with 9 year old Slim. His former owner said they were too old to hunt anymore. Mac arrived very lethargic with what has now been determined as a significant positive titer to Ehrlichia Canis. Mac recovered after being cared for and closely monitored by Dr. Christy Soileau of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital. He is now on daily maintenance medications and a special diet to support his kidney function. Mac is fine with small dogs, but it is not known if he is cat tolerant.

Mac's kidneys continued to decline and a large tumor was found on his spleen. Mac is now running pain-free at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mac, a handsome 8-9 y.o. greyhound cross, spent the first part of his life hunting coyotes in OK but you'd never know it. He's a little aloof at first, but he's a calm, sweet, and very loving boy with a beautiful brindle coat. He's somewhat vocal and likes to make his opinion known but he's not a barker. He was surrendered to a shelter along with his Staghound buddy, Slim, when they got too old to hunt. Mac is a very well-behaved dog who loves rides in the car and does very well. He walks great on the leash, and he LOVES to eat! He's a very food motivated dog and he likes to please his people. He's learned that living in a house with soft beds, regular meals, and people who lavish affection on him is to his liking! Mac recently discovered the pure joy of tossing toys in the air and catching them. Mac is just a very good boy who loves affection and attention. He and Slim are a closely bonded pair who will do best if adopted together. They look for each other and don't like being separated for long.

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