Diana is a 4 ½ year old brindle female born July 30, 2012. Her dam is E’s Taylor Swift and her sire is Greyt Tornado. Diana is tattooed as the "D" pup and is not individually registered with the National Greyhound Association. Diana was hit by a car in Amarillo on November 16, 2016, and picked up by Amarillo Animal Control. She suffered a shattered left elbow as well as multiple open wounds. GALT’s west Texas representatives brought her to Dallas where she had surgery on Monday, November 21 at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center by Dr. Bob Radasch. Diana's elbow was stabilized with a bone plate and screws, which may have to be removed at a later date. Because of this very difficult surgery, Diana's cast is quite cumbersome in an effort to protect and provide healing in this very tedious area. She will receive weekly bandage changes for the next 8-9 weeks.

UPDATE 3/11/2017

Diana's leg has healed and she has a good range of motion after physical therapy. However, she will always have a slight limp due to the severity and location of the break at the elbow. In addition, Diana's blood tests indicate she has been successfully treated for the positive titer to Ehrlichia Canis, and her PCR test is negative. This petite girl has completed all her medical procedures and is ready to find her forever home!

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The special medical treatment cost needed by Diana is why the Miss Mesa Fund was established. If you would like to help with Diana's care, please take a moment to make a donation to the fund. You WILL and CAN make a difference in Diana's life and the lives of other greyhounds in need of special medical care. Your help and support will make a difference - one greyhound at a time.

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