Gal Gal

Gal, aka Boc’s Fancy Gal, is a beautiful 2½-year-old fawn female born August 30, 2006. Her sire is Dodgem By Design, making her grand sire the famous Gable Dodge, and her dam is ICU Cinder Gal. Gal’s racing career was a short one – 2 races - as she injured her already crooked ankle (from birth) in her second race. She definitely was not a likely racing candidate. Gal’s right front ankle was "blown" as is the term in racing language in her second race at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, TX on December 19, 2008.

Gal was evaluated by Dr. Bob Radash of the Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center. There is no obvious break, but evidence of arthritic conditions already. Gal is not cat tolerant and has not been tested with small animals.


Gal is a sweet, impish fawn girl. To quote the movie, 'Mary Poppins', she is "practically perfect in every way". From the first day she arrived, she made herself at home. It took her all of a couple of hours to adapt to her new environment and surroundings and quickly she fit in comfortably with everything a household has to offer.

Gal is house trained and crate trained. She is always happy, wagging her tail at everyone and she loves attention, human or canine. She loves to lay her head against a shoulder and get loving.

Gal is very patient while she is recovering. Her activity is restricted and she enjoys watching television from her crate or laying around with the rest of the pack - a life of leisure!

A life shared with felines is not in Gal's future plans.

Gal's Foster Family
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