Manny is a red fawn male found stray in Amarillo. His birthday is December 27, 2013, so he just turned 3 years old. While not individually registered with the NGA, we do know his sire is Kiowa Mon Manny and his dam is Smooth Tempo and he was the "F" pup in the litter. Manny is not considered to be cat or small dog tolerant.

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Manny's a big dude with a huge heart. You'll instantly pick him out of a crowd as the dog happily wagging his tail to come meet you. Manny's been single-dog and multiple-dog tested with other large dogs and passed with flying colors. His high prey drive means he can't be trusted around cats or small dogs. He's also anxious around children, so his ideal home should not have kids. He is a strong boy so you need to pay attention to what he sees while on a walk. He enjoys talking to other dogs on walks and has a great outdoor voice. Keep this in mind if you live in an apartment! He's been good about telling us when he needs to go outside. We've crated him for up to 6 hours without incident. When Manny sleeps, his tongue dramatically flops out the side of his mouth in a fantastic display of ETS (escaped tongue syndrome)! He's fond of sleeping on your bed whether you're already in it or not. Manny is a reformed counter surfer through it is always a good idea to keep the tasty goodies tucked away to avoid temptation. Perhaps since he was a stray, his one vice is digging through trash. In fact, he has learned how to get into our lidded cans, so his forever family will need to be crafty to prevent this behavior. Interestingly, he has a picky nose for dog treats; sliced hot dogs or jerky really get his attention. Manny's a very personable boy and is ready to be your big fuzzy friend!

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