Philip is an approximately 3 year old white with brindle male saluki/greyhound mix. He was found as a stray by an individual in Rendon, TX and came to GALT thanks to her. Philip has not yet been evaluated with cats but is fine with small dogs. Please check back for updates about his journey to his forever home.

Philip is the ultimate laid back dude! Wherever you’re in the house, he's probably one room over snoozing the day away on a bed. If there's enough activity going on, he might stand up and give you a few tail wags before finding a new place to settle down!

Philip has been a dream when it comes to other dogs. He made fast friends with the large alpha male in the house and will engage in a little bit of play from time to time preferring to be chased than to be the chaser. He is great with little dogs as well, respectfully sniffing but giving our small dog her space and is careful not to step on her. On a leash, he walks perfectly and enjoys walking with other dogs or alone. Very rarely does he pull and only needs to stop one or twice to sniff the interesting smells. When you stop moving, he stops moving.

Philip would make a terrible guard dog because there's no stranger he hasn't met that he doesn't want to greet with a wagging tail. When he sees a new person, he will trot up to them happily, seeking pets. He doesn't bark at the doorbell or when people walk by outside the window. The only time we've heard him woof is when he gets excited for mealtime.

While Philip is perfectly crate trained, he most likely does not need to use one for long. He behaves very well inside a crate and settles down quietly if you need to leave the house, and he'd do just fine with baby gates as he doesn't seem to really test his barriers and will stay contentedly where he has been put. While adjusting to new surroundings he does wear a belly band; he has become pretty good about keeping the leg down indoors and we haven't had to change his band often.

While we think Philip formerly lived in a house, he does not appear to know what a dog toy is and shows no interest in toys or balls. He will open one eye from the bed he is sleeping in and watch the other dogs play with squeaky toys, but his ears don't even perk up to the sound. He would much rather you give him hugs and belly rubs than throw a ball. He is very interested in sleeping on human beds and is continuing to test the limits of what furniture he is allowed onto, and often is reluctantly sent off to a dog bed.

Philip LOVES the pool and come summertime, I expect it will be difficult to keep him out of one! On warm days or after long walks, he jumps right in and lies down before you can blink. His second favorite activity, immediately post-dip in the pool, is to roll around in the grass. He will spend 15 minutes rolling around on his back and acting like a complete goofball as he dries off!

Philip isn't overly food motivated but will take treats gently from your hands. He is VERY tall and can grab things off countertops without standing up, so care will be needed to keep those clear. He will give the occasional kiss but isn't too much of a licker.

Philip would do well in just about any home because of how laid back he is, I suspect he would adjust quite well to a variety of living situations.

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