Tarzan is an approximately 4 year old fawn male who was found as a stray in the Arlington area, along with Jane. He has a previous leg injury that is being evaluated, along with his general medical condition.

Tarzan is not considered cat tolerant.

UPDATE 3/1/16

Because Tarzan's previous injury to his right front leg was not healing at all, he was referred to Dr. Bob Radasch of Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center for a tissue and bone biopsy of the wound. Samples were sent out and are expected to take up to two weeks for complete analysis.

UPDATE 3/19/16

Bone and tissue biopsy results are back and do not show any bacterial or fungal issues at this time. Tarzan is starting a round of new antibiotics and regular dressing and bandage changes in an effort to heal the wound.

UPDATE 5/17/16

Tarzan's leg is finally healed and he is completing his last few days of antibiotics! This boy is ready to find his forever home!

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Tarzan is a wonderful boy and has calmed down since we started fostering him. Having been a stray he was a bit wild when he first came to us until he watched the rest of the pack and decided life was good in a home. Now he is one of the most chill dogs in the house. He loves being outside in the sun or inside curled up on a comfortable chair. Tarzan is a collector of things - toys, blankets, shoes - and keeps them on his bed. While not destructive, this habit does remind us to put our shoes away! Tarzan does well on walks, rides well in the car, is a hearty eater, LOVES treats, is a toy shaker and a good sleeper. Tarzan's ideal home would have a yard (though he can be a digger) and another dog to play with, but one that isn't too hyper. Tarzan and our 40 lb cattle dog have fun playing big-mouth-bitey-face and chase; and then take a long nap to recover. Are you the family Tarzan needs to make your, and his, life complete?

Tarzan's Foster Family

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