Timex is a 9-year-old brindle male. He arrived from the same source as Onyx, Carbon, Charity, Clooney, Cupcake, Harry, Stetson, Stewart, and Blade. Unfortunately all ten arrived testing positive to heartworm. He also had a heavy load of intestinal parasites and the tick-borne disease Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Timex is tattooed; however his tattoos are difficult to read and are still being researched at this time. Timex should not live with small children, and may be happiest as an only pet. Timex is currently undergoing treatment for corns on the bottom of his pads with Dr. Dennis Crow of the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic. He is taking daily medication as well as periodic hulling of the corns. It is hopeful that the corns will subside in time.

This big boy's long, 10-month journey back to health is finally complete!

Have you ever met a dog that is just happy to be? That would be Timex.

A sweet, affectionate boy who enjoys the company of people.

He has been a perfect gentleman – never an accident in the house. He lets us know when he has to go out; he has his routine down to a science!

He walks well on leash. You will have to stop every once in awhile so you can pet him when he looks up at you for a scratch.

Timex is very interested in his surroundings. He is very alert and aware; never misses a running squirrel or a walking cat.

One of his many endearing qualities – he loves to look at himself in the mirror. If you can’t find him – he's at the bathroom counter...

He likes to walk by the large-windowed glass buildings to he can see that handsome boy!

Timex loves to be around you! Although not a "snuggling" dog, he is extremely affectionate and just wants to be where you are.

Timex's Foster Mom