Charity, aka DG's Afterburner, is a 11-year-old white and brindle female born January 1, 2002. Her sire is DG's True Blue, and her dam is Kelso's Pamela. There are two races to her credit at Raynham/Taunton, MA in July 2003. Charity arrived from the same source as Stetson, Onyx, Blade, Cupcake, Timex, Carbon, Harry, Clooney and Stewart. Unfortunately Charity, like the nine others, was also heartworm positive. She has been through quite a roller-coaster of treatment for various complications, but nine months later, she is finally healthy!

Charity has not yet been tested with cats or small animals.

Guess you finally "spotted" me! Ha! Ha! Get it? Did you see that big spot on my back? (Can't say I don't have a sense of humor!)

I'd like to share the glowing recommendation my foster mom has given me. First of all, I am sweet and affectionate. I like to stay close to mom just in case her hand needs to pet me. Sometimes I'll lie right behind her as she's washing dishes. Closeness is important to humans. Kids don't bother me either. They have hands for loving too. I love to get ear massages and don't mind getting baths. I never have accidents in the house. Gross! Who would ever do that??? I love to be outside and as long as it's not raining, I like to lie in the backyard just taking in the sights and sounds of nature. Mom says I'm a nature girl. For some reason I do like to take all of the toys into the backyard. Mom brings them back in. Guess she likes that game. Sometimes I like to run in the backyard with the other dogs. I even like to run with my beagle cousin. I do come when I'm called but that's about my only trick. It seems I spend all my time just being a great companion. I don't counter surf and I don't eat from the trash can. Gross again! I don't need to be crated at all but I don't mind it if mom thinks I'd be safer in it. I sleep through the night in her bedroom on those soft cushy beds she buys us. Oh! I just thought of another trick I can do. When the land line rings, just to be sure mom hears it, I roo. It gets the other dogs rooing too! It's so funny! When she finally answers it, we stop. See what a big help I am? Even though they call me a "senior" there's a lot of spunk left in these bones. Age is just a number. Why don't you come out to see me sometime?

Charity's Foster Mom